Weekend Warriors: Outdoor Exercise In Atlanta

 Get outside.

I don’t care what your passion is, but it’s absolutely imperative to get outdoors and discover the wild places in metro Atlanta. You mountain bike? Hit Blankets Creek located off 575, exit 11, for killer single track. You prefer the water? Bring your cooler and Shoot the Hooch! For me, it’s hiking, and I love spending time in the rugged wilderness of Kennesaw Mountain.

Atlanta Exercise on Kennesaw Mountain

Atlanta Skyline Sunrise from Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to get on the trail. Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your weekend workout:

Gear Up

Visit your local outfitter to get the right equipment. Go With the Flow (Roswell, GA), RAK Outfitters (Woodstock, GA), and High Country Outfitters (Atlanta, GA) are some of my favorites. These places carry everything you’re going to need from paddle boards to trail runners. Another must have on the trail is an app to track your workout. Strava, Alltrails, and Fitbit are the most popular players in this space. Yes, even technology has gained a foothold in nature. Do feel free to bring the biggest, most expensive, most obnoxious-looking headphones you can find. Don’t blast your music over a Bluetooth speaker thinking everyone wants to hear your tunes. This is nature, bro!

Atlanta exercise on Kennesaw mountain


Hydration and Food

Nothing puts a damper on a weekend excursion like a dehydration event, or bonking early from a lack of calories. Even worse… you forgot to bring snacks for the kids or water for the dog. That’s an F- on anyone’s report card and is sure to win you some dirty looks from fellow exercisers. Do grab a lightweight daypack and go heavy on electrolytes, nuts, dried fruits, salty snacks, and some chocolate to appease the children. Don’t expect the trailheads to have water fountains or vending machines. And definitely don’t overestimate you or your family’s abilities. Sometimes an easy day hike can be more than you bargained for. There’s no shame in turning the ship around early to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

Post Workout

For me, nothing hits the spot after a long hike like an ice-cold beer. Next time you leave the house, try this hack: wedge a few cold ones into an ice cream cylinder and toss it in the back of the car. They are guaranteed to stay cold until you’re done exercising. Also bring a towel for your seat on the ride home, a pair of flip flops, and at least a fresh shirt to change into after the day is over. Do be the guys that enjoys a few IPAs with your crew after a good workout. But be discrete. I highly recommend the Yeti Colster to keep a chill in the beer and a low profile on the alcohol. Don’t be the guy that drenches your friend’s car seat in sweat because you forgot your post-workout etiquette.

terrapin recreation ale

Follow this simple advice and you’ll always get invited to share a few laughs, beers… and some blood sweat and tears.

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