It’s getting hot out there! With the summer months getting cranked up, and temperatures on the rise, bass are on the move and chasing down food with their metabolism in high gear. Fishermen/women can drive themselves crazy weighing just which bass lure is best for summertime bass fishing. But it doesn’t need to be stressful. Follow these simple fishing tips to land the big one. To begin, the easiest and most logical tactic is to shave down your choices to roughly five of the your most successful summertime bass lures and you can focus on catching bass instead what to rig.

As the summertime heat of the day intensifies, bass become less active during the early parts of summer, and the bite can slow down until the cooler evening air rolls in. However, casting the right summer bass lures and using the right angling tactics can keep the bite going strong all summer day long. Summer weather typically brings the warmest water temperatures, which normally means more active bass, but there’s a catch. Bass tend to be the most active in water that’s in the range of at least 55 degrees to less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. When water temperatures raise to above 80 degrees, bass seek out the comfort of cooler water and become less active.

So, if you’re following along, choosing the best lures for summer is heavily based on water temperature. So, as the dog days of summer march on, water temps change, and so too should your lure selection and angling techniques. Certain lures are best suited for summer bass hideouts, whether its on the surface, in vegetation or bouncing along the bottom.

Surface Bass Lures

  • Zara Spooks
  • Rebel Pop-R
  • Heddon Tiny Torpedo

Weedless Surface Lures

  • Snagless Hollow Body Frogs
  • Weedless Johnson Spoons

Subsurface Bass Lures

  • Crankbaits
  • Spinner Baits
  • Texas Rigged Soft Plastic Creature Baits
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