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The Highest and Lowest Elevation of Every US State

When people think about tall mountains, peaks in Europe, Asia, or Africa are usually the places that come to mind. However, the often overlooked peaks located in the United States are no slouch when it comes to elevation. But along with those soaring mountain tops are some not so impressive peaks.→ Read the rest

Annoying Campers: The Nine Circles of Hell

There isn’t much worse than a camper who can’t behave.  Whether it’s constantly causing a scene or a general disregard for anyone or anything around them, some campers can just be a pain. Believe us when we say we are nowhere near perfect.→ Read the rest

The Rule Of 3: Survival Edition

Knowing and having outdoor survival skills helps people survive in the unfortunate event that they get lost or injured in the woods or are the survivor of a natural disaster.   But for those with limited survival skills and who also enjoy spending time in the outdoors, knowing the most basic survival rules of 3 will go a long way in helping prioritize survival needs.→ Read the rest

Time To Plan A Trip Along The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Looking for something interesting to do for a few days in Kentucky? How about a trip along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Sounds like fun but what exactly is Bourbon? For a whiskey to be called Bourbon it must be made with at least 51% corn.→ Read the rest

35 Reasons to Hike The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail, or less commonly know as the Appalachian National Scenic Trail or simply the A.T., is a 2,190 mile hiking trail between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine. Completing the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in one trip is a monumental undertaking. → Read the rest

How To Survive A Venomous Snake Bite in North America

If have you have spent any time outside in North America, you have most likely crossed paths with a snake. For your safety, it’s a good idea to know the “good snakes” from the “bad snakes”. The venomous snakes in North America that we lump into the “bad snakes” category fall into two groups: Coral Snakes and Pit Vipers (which include Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths, Copperheads).→ Read the rest

Weekend Warriors: Outdoor Exercise In Atlanta

 Get outside.

I don’t care what your passion is, but it’s absolutely imperative to get outdoors and discover the wild places in metro Atlanta. You mountain bike? Hit Blankets Creek located off 575, exit 11, for killer single track. You prefer the water?Read the rest

Trail Review: Shuckstack Tower

Not so long ago, the wild ridges of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park were peppered with fire towers. The idea was to send men into these towers and diligently scan the country side hoping to spot and prevent forest fires.→ Read the rest

Bears in the Backcountry: Be Bear Aware

When hiking in just about anywhere in the United States, hiking in the backcountry means hiking in bear country. Seeing a bear in the wild during a hike can be a once in a lifetime event for many hikers. While it can be both exciting and frightening, it is important to remember that bears are wild and can be dangerous.→ Read the rest

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