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5 Types of Campers and The Craft Beer They Love

It’s camping season and you and your friends are headed into the woods. You might think you know your friends, but if you’ve never camped with them you can’t be sure. Is one of your friends a secret Sasquatch hunter, or an amateur archaeologist?→ Read the rest

How To Be A Beer Snob Without Acting Like One

You have a passion for sipping on beers and tasting a broad variety of brewed beverages, particularly craft and small batch brews. But how does this passion come across to others? Do your friends and family think that you have become an arrogant beer drinker who comes across as a know it all and is critical of anyone who doesn’t share their tastes?→ Read the rest

Irish Car Bomb – Cocktail of the Month

If you want to step up your social drinking to come across as more of an experienced and hardy cocktail drinker you may want to keep these tips in mind the next time you throw down some cash for a drink.→ Read the rest

Get Drunk; Not Fat

The team over at Made Man put together a nice infographic showing just how many calories are in your favorite alcoholic beverages. They have researched dozens of adult beverages, compared them side-by-side and arranged them in order of their calorie to alcohol content ratio.→ Read the rest

Painkiller – Cocktail of the Month

While on a recent trip to the British Virgin islands, we had a few (too many??) rum and coconut cocktails that were so smooth and delicious, that we knew we needed to bring these back to the states for the BUCKFISH crew to enjoy.  → Read the rest

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