Guest post by Kevin Smith.

Are you planning a camping trip for your next vacation? If so, then you should consider trying out hammock camping. Using a hammock can be both fun and relaxing if it’s set up correctly. There is no use setting up a hammock which can easily fall off the tree. Here are 9 hammock camping tips that can aid easy setup for you and your family to have a comfortable hammock camping outing.

  1. Handle Sagging Perfectly

hammock sagOne thing that may piss you off about a hammock is when sagging is handled badly. The reason is that you will be spending some of your time in mid-air. Therefore, you should spend ample time to fix the sags properly, so that you don’t sustain injuries while using your hammock. What is the use of having a sag that will fall out easily, causing the occupants on a hammock discomfort? Inasmuch as you are preparing to relax on your hammock, ensure that the sags are well tightened with the right gravitational force in mind. You should also be aware of the fact that your hammock should have deep sagging while the tail ends are tightened for better relaxation.

  1. Include A Knee Pillow

Your height coupled with the length of your hammock shouldn’t deter you from being comfortable.  So, in order to minimize the effect of a cranky knee, you should have a pillow placed in between you, nullifying any bad positioning, which can have a negative impact on your health.

  1. Diagonally Lay In Your Hammocks

Laying awkwardly in your hammock can make you suffer strain and pain. So, the ideal position to maintain on a hammock when just relaxing is to lay diagonally. This position will help prevent neck and back discomfort and also helps with enter and exiting gracefully.

  1. The Foot End of A Hammock Should Be Raised Higher

lay in hammock diagonallyTo ensure that you don’t slide into your hammock awkwardly, you need to know how to set it up properly from the get-go. When the foot end of your hammock is about 8 inches higher, you are assured to stay balanced and easily slide in and out.

  1. Never Forget A Bug Net

No matter where you go, its always a good idea to bring a bug net. Therefore if your hammock does not come with an built-in bug net, it’s highly recommended that you purchase a net made for your specifically for your hammock.

  1. Don’t Miss A Dripping Line

hammock dripping lineRain has a gift for showing up at the worst times imaginable. So whenever you are setting up, its a good idea to add a dripping line. A dripping line insures that the rain will not make its way to you while you are having a nice nap or reading.

  1. Include A Sleeping Pad

To enjoy a great night’s sleep, it’s a good idea to include a sleeping pad which is easily inserted into your hammock. Apart from the comfort, you can also be kept warm, especially in places in which you have to regulate the temperature of your sleeping pad in order to have a nice nap or sleep in a very cold environment.

  1. Find Better Pitching Fabric

hammock camping materialHammocks come in different designs. So it is left for you to search out the ones that provide you shelter against the rain or the scorching sun. You can never tell the kind of weather you may come across when it comes to pitching your hammock. The important thing is getting a fabric that suits your needs at any time of the year.

Packing Hammock Supplies

While planning a camping vacation, you should take note of the items you need to take along for to create the best experience possible. Forgetting just one item may mean you have to lay on the ground. Items that should be in your hammock handbag include hammocks, suspenders, bug nets, tarp with stakes, and a sleeping pad insulator. You can also double check your bag to ensure that you have all the sets complete.

You can enjoy your camping experience with these hammock camping tips. Apart from the food and company you are with, you can also create a special time to have yourself suspended in the air with your loved ones. Although the bugs and the rainy weather may want to serve as a barrier to great moments, you should have all your fabric prepared for inclement weather.

The reason for having a vacation is to ease yourself of the urban stress and workload. You are therefore expected to look relaxed and refreshed after your long week of staying on a campsite. In all, you should ensure that you go for the best hammock fabric in terms of size and length, in order to know who you need to accommodate. After all, vacations should be spent relieving your weary nerves, not being on sight to worry about bugs just because your hammock fabric couldn’t keep and comfort you properly.

Author’s Bio: Kevin is an outdoor enthusiast and has been a camper ever since he was a little toddler spending many nights under the start lit sky with his parents. An environmentalist through and through, he has made it his personal mission to educate others on how to make the most out of outdoor activities while also protecting the environment. He currently aims to complete his goal of staying at every campsite possible with his family. Visit his site Blazing Campfire for more blazing camping tips.