When people think about tall mountains, peaks in Europe, Asia, or Africa are usually the places that come to mind. However, the often overlooked peaks located in the United States are no slouch when it comes to elevation. But along with those soaring mountain tops are some not so impressive peaks.

The United States areĀ  known for its diverse landscapes and ample opportunities to get outside and explore. People have the ability to visit everything from pristine ocean beaches, remote peaks deep in the wilderness, and desert landscapes devoid of water but brimming with life. And bucket lists all across the country include visiting the highest elevation (and lowest) in all 50 sites. To get those lists rolling, we have found a convenient list of the highest and lowest elevation of every US state. For those looking to get as high up as possible, a trip to Alaska or out West should be at the top of list. On the flip side, for those looking to stay closer to sea level, a trip to the Deep South or Midwest is totally doable.

The Highest and Lowest Elevation of Every U.S. State
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