Best Summertime Bass Lures

It’s getting hot out there! With the summer months getting cranked up, and temperatures on the rise, bass are on the move and chasing down food with their metabolism in high gear. Fishermen/women can drive themselves crazy weighing just which bass lure is best for summertime bass fishing.→ Read the rest

Must Have Items For Camping

In today’s internet fueled world people from all walks of life are stuck indoors focused on their electronic devices. Life has become too stressful and hurried.

Spending time outside or even better, going camping with friends and family provides a momentary escape from the stresses of life. → Read the rest

The Highest and Lowest Elevation of Every US State

When people think about tall mountains, peaks in Europe, Asia, or Africa are usually the places that come to mind. However, the often overlooked peaks located in the United States are no slouch when it comes to elevation. But along with those soaring mountain tops are some not so impressive peaks.→ Read the rest

Top Fire Starters and Tinder

Here at BUCKFISH, we love siting by fires. We love building fires. We love fire! But fires aren’t always easy to come by. Especially, deep in the Smokies, where a rain shower can pop up with little warning. Regardless of where you are building it, a fire needs three components commonly referred to as the Fire Triangle (aka Combustion Triangle): heat, fuel and oxygen. → Read the rest

Ode To The Fisherman

The fresh air of early morning, the one that gets straight to your head and overwhelms you with each breath that makes you feel more human, the chill on your hands and the coolness that grasps your face, you sense it, inside out, all over, it flows in you.→ Read the rest

Top 10 Things Nobody Told You About Camping

Camping in the great outdoors can be great fun, but if you are new to it, there are a number of things you really should know before you head out. Here are 10 things nobody told you about camping:

  1. You Should Test Your Equipment Before You Go

You may have the temptation to throw all your gear in the car and just ride into the outdoors for your first camping trip, but resist this temptation.→ Read the rest

5 Types of Campers and The Craft Beer They Love

It’s camping season and you and your friends are headed into the woods. You might think you know your friends, but if you’ve never camped with them you can’t be sure. Is one of your friends a secret Sasquatch hunter, or an amateur archaeologist?→ Read the rest

5 Hacks To Make Hiking In Winter A Lot Easier

Winter is one of the best seasons to hike. For someone who loves enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer, and for someone who loves to hike during this season, finding the right kind of equipment is essential. Good winter hiking gear is usually designed to be efficient and offer you everything that you would need for this adventure.→ Read the rest

Small Pond Fishing Hacks

Nearly every fisherman learned to fish by standing on the bank of a small, fish-filled pond. And for most anglers, this first lesson in fishing often is where the love of the sport of fishing started. As is typical, most fisherman then moved on to zipping across larger lakes in pursuit of the elusive honey hole or even fishing far out into the ocean as time and resources became abundant.→ Read the rest

Annoying Campers: The Nine Circles of Hell

There isn’t much worse than a camper who can’t behave.  Whether it’s constantly causing a scene or a general disregard for anyone or anything around them, some campers can just be a pain. Believe us when we say we are nowhere near perfect.→ Read the rest

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