Irish Car Bomb – Cocktail of the Month

If you want to step up your social drinking to come across as more of an experienced and hardy cocktail drinker you may want to keep these tips in mind the next time you throw down some cash for a drink. First, the taste has to be either potent enough to transform your silky smooth face into a full beard or at the very least put off a few hairs on that recently waxed chest. And last but not least the most virile of drinks have to have a tough name to match that potent taste.

Now, picture a Jagerbomb.  Now picture a Boilermaker. Now picture something much nobler, with a high alcohol content, created for the bold. Now picture a tall, dark and badass drink -The Irish Car Bomb. This drink is not for the faint of heart. The Irish Car Bomb is a hangover in the making combination of Irish cream, Irish whiskey put into one shot glass and then dropped into a pint glass of Irish stout. The trick is to chug it down, don’t wait! If you don’t drink it fast enough it will curdle.

Irish Car Bomb Recipe

1 pint Guinness® stout
1/2 shot Bailey’s® Irish cream
1/2 shot Jameson® Irish whiskey

Add the Bailey’s and Jameson to a shot glass, layering the Bailey’s on the bottom. Pour the Guinness into a pint and let settle. Drop the shot glass into the Guinness and chug.

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