Small Pond Fishing Hacks

Nearly every fisherman learned to fish by standing on the bank of a small, fish-filled pond. And for most anglers, this first lesson in fishing often is where the love of the sport of fishing started. As is typical, most fishermen then moved on to zipping across larger lakes in pursuit of the elusive honey hole or even fishing far out into the ocean as time and resources became abundant. But every smart angler knows not to look down on pond fishing. Fishing in a pond requires just as much strategy and can produce just as much excitement as the larger lakes and ocean can provide. Some of the nicer things about fishing a small pond are that you don’t need a lot of money or a fancy boat to fish them. And drinking beer is required almost as often as a fishing license.

Ponds can provide good fishing for everything from bass, bluegills and even catfish. Many landowners of small ponds stock catfish, particularly channel cats, as a part of their pond management strategy. In these smaller ponds, catfish can be easier and a lot of fun to catch.

Looking for some exciting bass fishing? Head to a small pond in the early spring, where the bass are more likely to bite than the larger lakes. Smaller, shallower ponds offer more shoreline protection, water vegetation and a dark bottom that contributes to the water warming faster than on bigger bodies of water. Warmer water = bass feeding!

Here are several hacks for small pond fishing success:

small pond fishing hacks

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