If have you have spent any time outside in North America, you have most likely crossed paths with a snake. For your safety, it’s a good idea to know the “good snakes” from the “bad snakes”. The venomous snakes in North America that we lump into the “bad snakes” category fall into two groups: Coral Snakes and Pit Vipers (which include Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths, Copperheads). Its best to avoid these snakes at all costs, but should you accidently aggravate a venomous snake and it bites you, it’s important to be able to identify the culprit.

A bite from a venomous snake is no joke. The team over at Sniff Outdoors have created an infographic to help you identify venomous snakes and what you should do when you encounter a venomous snake.


venomous snake